Here we are in the fifth week of our MynaWallet development journey. This week, we’ve reordered our milestones to prioritize the implementation of the paymaster. This change is to enhance the user experience during our closed testing phase. We believe enabling users to interact with MynaWallet without worrying about native tokens or gas fees will make it more user-friendly. Now, let’s take a closer look at each aspect!

Our milestones for the fourth week have been:

  • Starting integrating the contract wallet with My Number Card with an existing testing app.
  • Continuing testing and refining the contract wallet prototype.
  • Starting implementing the Paymaster.

Our outcomes are:

  • Verifying Paymaster Prototype.
  • Paymaster API Prototype.

Let’s dive deep into the topic.

Verifying Paymaster Prototype

Our Verifying Paymaster has been implemented with reference to eth-infinitism and, as it meets the minimum requirements we seek in a Paymaster.

Paymaster API Prototype

The JSON-RPC API for our Verifying Paymaster has been implemented using the Rust language and Axum web framework, with reference to the RPC interface proposed by It is still in the prototype stage, and we will proceed with adding tests and refactoring.

Looking ahead

Our next goal is to prepare for the closed testing phase by adding new functionalities to the contract and conducting interoperability checks with existing test applications.



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