Here we are in the fourth week of our MynaWallet development journey. As we continue to develop, we are eager to share our latest updates and discoveries with you. Let’s dive in!

Our milestones for the fourth week have been:

  • Continuing testing and refining the contract wallet.
  • Starting checking the feasibility of privacy-conscious features by ZKP using halo2-rsa and circom-rsa.
  • Continuing researching ERC-4337, especially the paymaster.

Our outcomes are:

  • Deployment of the revised contract wallet factory and the contract wallet on the testnet.
  • Complete the feasibility check of halo2-rsa and circom-rsa.

Let’s deep dive into the topic.

Deployment of the revised contract wallet factory and the contract wallet on the testnet

Complete the feasibility check of halo2-rsa and circom-rsa

We conducted a feasibility check of halo2-rsa and circom-rsa. Based on the results, We are currently thinking of using circom-rsa. The halo2-rsa is utilized in the zkemail project and was developed by Mr. Sora Suegami. It’s built using the halo2-lib. Initially, we started our investigation intending to use this library. However, integrating it into our circuit presented challenges, particularly in resolving dependencies which was time-consuming. On the other hand, circom-rsa is widely used in various projects for RSA signature proof verification and it is easy to integrate into our own circuits. While there’s room for debate over whether to use Groth16 or PlonK, given its wider application, we’ve concluded that circom-rsa is the more appropriate choice for now.

Looking ahead

We’re actively studying benchmarks and analyzing implementations from various projects, and we’re prepared to reevaluate or modify our chosen proof system if necessary. Next week, our plan is to incorporate ZKP proof-verification functionality into the MynaWallet contract. We will then conduct a benchmark analysis comparing the gas costs of this approach to the costs of directly verifying an RSA signature on-chain.



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