MynaWallet, which turns the Japanese government-issued ID card into a crypto wallet, has been selected for the ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Grant Round by the Ethereum Foundation.

MynaWallet allows sending and receiving digital assets, as well as proof of its ownership, simply by touching the Japanese government-issued ID card - Myna Card - without pre-installing any apps or other software. By leveraging Myna Card, which approximately 90 million people in Japan hold, we aim to create a world where everyone can access services utilizing blockchain technology, such as stablecoins and NFTs, without being conscious of complex operations or technology.

MynaWallet has the potential to make crypto accessible to the great majority of Japanese residents. We would be delighted if this initiative serves as a precedent to inspire similar experiments in other countries to connect their national ID infrastructure to Ethereum and onboard their residents to crypto.

The announcement by the Ethereum Foundation: Empowering Innovation: ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Grant Round Recipients

MynaWallet Features

1. Tap to Generate

Simply touching the Japanese government-issued ID card - Myna Card - creates a crypto wallet. From the information contained in Myna Card, a deterministically unique wallet address is derived.

2. Tap to Receive

By simply touching Myna Card, sending and receiving digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs is possible. In the following video, an NFT is being issued to the wallet address associated with Myna Card. Users only need to install the app when checking the digital assets they hold. There’s no need to pre-install an app or set up a wallet in advance to receive digital assets.

3. Tap to Auth

By simply touching Myna Card, you can verify and authenticate ownership of digital assets. In the following video, MynaWallet checks whether a specific NFT is owned, and if ownership of the NFT is verified, a smart lock is unlocked.

4. eKYC (Digital Identity Verification)

We are developing a feature that realizes the highest level of personal verification at the wallet level in collaboration with the Japanese Public Key Infrastructure (JPKI). It is now possible to strictly verify the owners of unhosted wallets, which used to be difficult, making them compliant with AML regulations and usable as withdrawal wallets for digital assets.

5. Account Abstraction (ERC-4337)

We are developing various wallet functions as smart contracts compliant with ERC-4337, such as recovery features, session keys, and setting usage limits.

6. Privacy protection by Zero-knowledge proofs

We are researching and developing solutions using zero-knowledge proofs for user privacy protection. While minimizing information disclosed to third parties, we aim to realize functions for eKYC and age verification.

7. Providing SDK & API

We plan to offer SDKs and APIs to incorporate MynaWallet into various services.

About a42x Inc.

a42x Inc. is developing a wallet system and digital auth infrastructure. Main achievement: Selected as a finalist at ETHGlobal Tokyo, one of the world’s largest blockchain developer competitions.

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